It’s Complicated My Pal

S Abhishek
Jun 19, 2021


  • After analyzing several packets we can conclude that there is something to be done with ICMP.
  • So apply the ICMP filter and start analyzing.
  • We can see that packets from the source = has some ZIP Magic Numbers.
  • In scapy there are lots of ways to extract the data.
  • We can see that the hex values of the ZIP start from the hex position x002A in all ICMP packets.
  • The Bytes Equivalent of Hex = x002A is 42 Bytes.
  • So slice the rest of the chunks.
  • It can be indentified by seeing the hex of the ZIP.
  • After compiling and running the script we shall get the ZIP file.
  • But it's Password Protected.
  • So using Frackzip we shall crack the Password.
Password --> craccer



Zip File

JPG File



S Abhishek

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